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OS reset types


#define SYS_HOTRESET   1
#define SYS_POWEROFF   4
#define SYS_RESTART   0
#define SYS_SHUTDOWN   2

Detailed Description

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SYS_HOTRESET   1

Restart the application. Kind of softreset

#define SYS_POWEROFF   4

Powers off the Wii, automatically choosing Standby or Idle mode depending on the user's configuration


Powers off the Wii to idle (yellow LED, WC24 on) mode.


Powers off the Wii to standby (red LED, WC24 off) mode.

#define SYS_RESTART   0

Reboot the gamecube, force, if necessary, to boot the IPL menu. Cold reset is issued


Directly load the Wii Channels menu, without actually cold-resetting the system

#define SYS_SHUTDOWN   2

Shutdown the thread system, card management system etc. Leave current thread running and return to caller