libOGC  1.0
Here is a list of all modules:
[detail level 12]
 Memory card slots
 Memory card error codes
 EXI tranfer types
 EXI channels
 EXI devices
 EXI device frequencies
 EXI device operation flags
 EXI memory card identifier
 AI streaming modes
 AI sampling rates
 DSP task statesDSP task state indicating DSP task's current operation
 DSP task flagsDSP task queue state flag indicating the task's current queue state. Multiple states are OR'd
 OS reset types
 OS memory protection channels
 OS memory protection modes
 OS memory casting macros
 ARAM DMA transfer direction
 ARAM memory access modes
 List of defines used for the VIDEO subsystem
 VIDEO mode types
 VIDEO standard types
 VIDEO field types
 VIDEO render modes
 DVD state codes
 DVD reset modes
 DVD motor control modes
 Clipping mode
 Color channel ID
 Matrix type
 Vertex format index
 Vertex data input type
 Number of components in an attribute
 Attribute component type
 Vertex attribute array type
 Primitive typeCollection of primitive types that can be drawn by the GP
 Light ID
 Diffuse function
 Attenuation function
 Position-normal matrix index
 Texture matrix index
 Post-transform texture matrix index
 texture coordinate slot
 Texture format
 Z Texture format
 Z Texture operator
 Texture coordinate generation type
 Texture coordinate source
 Compare type
 Blending type
 Blending control
 Logical operation type
 Texture offset valueUsed for texturing points or lines
 TEV combiner operationColor/Alpha combiner modes for GX_SetTevOp()
 TEV color combiner input
 TEV alpha combiner input
 TEV stage
 TEV combiner operator
 TEV bias value
 TEV clamping mode
 TEV scale value
 TEV color/output register
 Backface culling mode
 texture map slotTexture map slots to hold textures in
 Alpha combine control
 TEV constant color register
 TEV constant color selection
 TEV constant alpha selection
 TEV color swap table entry
 Indirect texture stage
 Indirect texture format
 Indirect texture bias selectIndicates which components of the indirect offset should receive a bias value
 Indirect texture matrix
 Indirect texture wrap valueIndicates whether the regular texture coordinate should be wrapped before being added to the offset
 Indirect texture bump alpha selectIndicates which offset component should provide the "bump" alpha output for the given TEV stage
 Indirect texture scaleSpecifies an additional scale value that may be applied to the texcoord used for an indirect initial lookup (not a TEV stage regular lookup)
 Fog equation control
 Compressed Z format
 XFB clamp modes
 Gamma values
 EFB copy modeControls whether all lines, only even lines, or only odd lines are copied from the EFB
 Alpha read mode
 Texture cache sizeSize of texture cache regions
 Brightness decreasing functionType of the brightness decreasing function by distance
 Spot illumination distribution function
 Texture filter types
 Maximum anisotropy filter control
 Vertex cache performance counter
 Performance counter 0 metric
 Performance counter 1 metric
 TLUT nameName of Texture Look-Up Table (TLUT) in texture memory
 SND return values
 SND_IsActiveVoice additional return values
 Voice format
 Voice volume
 Pitch Range
 Note codification
 SNDLIB compatibility macros
 sound functions
 Voice functions
 DSP functions